(January 2017)

We respect the privacy of users of the O2MC I/O website and we treat all personal data provided by users to us confidentially. Processing of personal data is executed in compliance with the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens and other applicable laws and regulations.

Purposes of the processing
We process your personal data in relation to marketing purposes and the management of relations

Processing of personal data
We have implemented relevant technical and organizational measures for the security and protection of your personal data. We will not process your personal data for other purposes than as described in this Privacy Policy and we will not store your personal data any longer than as strictly required. Your personal data may (partly or in whole) possibly be processed outside the territory of the European Union; in such case, O2MC I/O BV will secure that the processing is done in full compliance with the rules set forth in this Privacy Policy. Your personal data will possibly be shared with companies in which O2MC I/O BV holds a share or which hold a share in O2MC I/O BV. O2MC I/O BV will secure that such companies will be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The following data (including personal data) will be processed/used:

  • personal data when filling out forms to receive demo’s, whitepapers and / or direct contact

Although you possibly have consented or will consent in an alternative way to the processing of your personal data, O2MC I/O BV assumes your consent to such processing upon using the website by you.

Your rights
In case you have entered into an agreement with us, you have certain rights. In addition to your statutory rights valid at this moment (such as your right to request us to let you inspect your personal data that we may process, as well as your right to let us correct any incorrect personal data that we may process and your right to request us to terminate the processing of your personal data), O2MC I/O BVgrants you the right to request us to transfer your personal data to another processor or controller, to limit the processing of your personal data as well as a right to request us to fully erase your personal data (“right to be forgotten”).

The controller
O2MC I/O BV is a private limited liability company, located at Liessentstraat 9A, 5405 AH Uden, The Netherlands, registered at the trade register under number 63684675.

O2MC I/O BV is the controller in relation to your personal data. In case and in so far O2MC I/O BV has allocated or will allocate the processing of the personal data to a third-party processor, O2MC I/O BV has complied and will comply with it statutory obligation to enter into a processing agreement with such third-party processor.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy. We will inform you in case we do amend the policy.