Data Governance & Privacy.

The O2MC I/O controlled coding environment provides an ideal platform for real time big data applications where auditability and data governance are a prerequisite in light of the GDPR.

Secure data and file transfer
Supports HTTPs for guaranteed secure data transfer

Data security
Server side and client side data can be pseudonymized, tokenized and or encrypted before any processing or streaming to its destination.

Audit logging
Any change in the streaming data that has been configured is tracked and can be reported on.

User consent
User Consent by design: Any given / non given consent by end users of applications (e.g. visitors on a website) is present throughout all areas of the platform, on a per individual user, multi channel level.

Thus, any user can see where their data is and what it has been used for and subsequently it also makes it easy to remove that data when consent is rescinded and required for that data to be removed Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF).

By providing an end-to-end solution for data capture, transformation, analytics and distribution, total compliancy can be guaranteed.