Forward thinking Media Agencies want the flexibility of having their own data platform

As an agency, you want to get the best campaigns running for your customers by leveraging any relevant data source to optimize and target in a cut to the bone way.

No “one size fits all” mentality is what your customers demand and flexibility is what you want to offer them to gain competitive advantage promoting their products and services in the right channels.

What we offer:

  • Ingest, grab, collect, import any kind of data that is or could be relevant for creating unique segments
  • Store data in advertiser by advertiser separated fashion (agency model)
  • Store data anywhere you feel comfortable, providing 100% data ownership
  • Comply with GDPR through a rich set of data privacy and governance features
  • Create segments in a 2 speed way: real time or at rest
  • Connect to any DSP
  • Connect to your existing BI tools
  • Run any kind of data science project on your data


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