Energy Market

O2MC prescriptive web computing enables you to create specific energy market solutions and applications. Accelerate your big data opportunities in the most cost efficient way without interrupting your IT operations or complex business processes.

Use case examples

  • Loyalty management

benefits from big data by extending channel reach from point of sale, Web and call center to include mobile and social capabilities. Rewards may be accrued by more than purchases; people may also earn them for being good product or brand ambassadors. Rewards may also come from more than personal contributions — social relationships may be included (descriptive analytics).

involves the tracking and interpretation of public discussions, often on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to see how the general public feels about an organization (its brand, products and services) or broader themes that affect corporate performance (such as politics, large-scale events and overall social sentiment) (diagnostic analytics, descriptive analytics).


O2MC 07-07-2014-L-16
Real-time Business Intelligence

Distribute data through multiple data-streams to your customers' Business Intelligence environment in real-time.

O2MC 07-07-2014-L-8
Text Analysis RESTful API – Language detection

Highly accurate Text Analysis to determine the language your customers speak.

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Text Analysis API – Language and polarity

Use this API to detect the language and the polarity of a text message.

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Text Analysis API – Language, Polarity and Emotion

Unleash full Text Analysis opportunities with emotion classification.

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Qmon data quality auditing

The first monitoring tool that tests all web analytics data.

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Qgov Managed User Consent

A consent module enabling your customers to comply to any cookie legislation.